Interview of Eric Scaglia, manager of Biarritz Chauffeur Service

28 February 2023

Biarritz Chauffeur Service

Can you introduce your chauffeur company and its main activities?

Biarritz Chauffeur Service is a luxury chauffeured vehicles company. We are part of the VTC (Transport Vehicle with Drivers) but our heritage is that of the “Grande Remise”, a mark of quality.
Since 2012, we have been offering airport transfers, as well as “MICE” (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) services, and excursions in the Basque Country. We also handle various missions based on demand, including transportation logistics for major conferences, vehicles for weddings, transfers for film shoots, and photo shoots. We adapt to all requests to provide the most efficient service possible.

How did you start in the field of high end chauffeur service ?

A few years ago;-), I was a Biology student in Nice, and a series of events led me to enter the “Grande Remise” through an incredible first event. I started as a driver at the Cannes Film Festival, which meant incredible journeys, walking the red carpet, and the flashbulbs of the international show. It was the beginning of this great adventure…

What do you consider to be important characteristics for being a good tourism driver?

First of all, a strong notion of service is necessary. Adaptability to VIPs, as well as special requests, is also a primary asset. Of course, discretion is directly linked to our profession.

Eric Scaglia

Minivan avec chauffeur marché de Biarritz


How do you manage the maintenance of your vehicles to ensure the safety of your clients?

The VTC legislation in France requires us to change our vehicles every 6 years, regardless of mileage. In addition, we must pass the technical inspection every year for each of our vehicles. This ensures very recent vehicles in perfect condition.

In addition to this, the vehicles are maintained by our drivers to ensure perfect cleanliness inside and out for each trip.

How do you manage the planning of your activities and coordination with other tourism service providers (hotels, restaurants, etc.)?

I have created a network of VTC partner drivers in the Basque Country and Biarritz who correspond to the image I had of this profession. Thus, regardless of the number of vehicles you need, a guarantee of quality is maintained with all our drivers.

What are your expansion or improvement plans for your business in the future?

I am focusing more on improving the quality of our service than on expanding. We can improve the user experience on board. Finally, the use of hybrid or electric vehicles and raising awareness of eco-driving are part of our DNA.