Legal Conditions

The conditions hereafter are applicable regardless of the general conditions of purchase of the client.
Any modification proposed by the parties must be by written agreement.


Transfer prices are applicable to direct trip without any stopover, from the pick-up point to the arrival place, the service being terminated immediately after the drop-off.

The quantity of embarked luggage is proportional to the vehicle capacity.

The service minimum billed is as follow:

  • Minibus/bus: 8 hours during the day (8am-8pm) & 5 hours during the night (8pm-8am),
  • Car & minivans: 4 hours.

Our prices are deemed to be recorded with reduced rate taxes 10%.
Those rates are valid for operations with no more than 2 vehicles of the same category. Beyond, we do reserve us the right to major said rates, according to requested type and number of vehicles.

Indicated prices include the taxes, the vehicle with its driver, the insurance for the embarked persons and the gasoline. Non-initially planned toll and car park costs stay at your charge. The quoted price is per vehicle, for the relevant number of persons, maximum of 3-4 persons for the cars, 4-7 persons for the minivans et 9-55 persons for the bus and minibus.


As soon as we do receive your request, we will send you a quotation. In order to confirm requested service, you must return to us the quotation by fax, email or post-mail, with a date, a signature, a stamp and mentioning your agreement “Agreed and Accepted”, with a view to respecting both parties. A solid reservation will be registered only after receiving a valid credit card number (+expiration date) or a deposit (30 to 100% of the total amount). Reservation via order form, convention or other will be only accepted for corporate customers.



For any cancellation by the client 1 week before the service, we will charge :

  • 0 % of the total amount for the service in car/minivan ;
  • 30 % of the total amount for the service in bus/minibus.

Less than 3 days before :

  • 30 % of the total amount for the service in car/minivan ;
  • 70 % of the total amount for the service in bus/minibus.

For any reservation cancelled less than 24 hours before :

  • 100 % of the total amount for the service in car/minivan ;
  • 100 % of the total amount for the service in bus/minibus.


The service is valid only once. If the client does not show up at the pick-up place, the service will be definitively lost, no refund will be given.

Any wait beyond a one-hour franchise will be charged according to our rates. Any started extra hour will be integrally charged.

Any damage caused inside the vehicle will be charged. Smoking in the vehicles is strictly prohibited. Seat belts must be fastened at all times.

As our drivers’ responsibility is engaged during the vehicle renting period, they are required to apply and enforce all current laws. No requests shall be made by the client, nor shall any request be honored by the driver to exceed the authorized speed limit or to commit breaches of any Highway Code rule.

BIARRITZ CHAUFFEUR SERVICE reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress if the driver is aware that the client is in act of committing an offence such as using narcotics, endangering the driver safety or a noticeable lack of politeness by the client towards the driver.

In progress service modification(s)

Any route modification requested by the client during the service that necessitates changes in the program, may incur extra costs to be paid on the spot or at the latest at the end of the service.

In case of any modification asked by the principal, the driver will note it on his mission order and require the client to countersign. The extra costs wil of course be charged to requesting party.


All payments must be in Euros. We do accept payment by check, and bank transfer or cash.

Our services are payable within 30 days from last day of the month, except for case that the client has an account with our company.

Limite clauses of responsabilites

BIARRITZ CHAUFFEUR SERVICE cannot be held responsible for any transport delay due to any circumstance beyond our control : road closed, bridge closed to traffic, diversion, flooded street, traffic jam, police, customs or emergency crew road interventions, etc… or in case of force majeure: strike, weather conditions, terrorist attack, riot, etc… (Non-exhaustive lists).

In case of a vehicle immobilization during the trip, due to a mechanical failure, an accident or a damage (theft, deterioration), BIARRITZ CHAUFFEUR SERVICE will endeavor to guarantee the journey continuity with another of our vehicles, warning the principal in all cases.


The responsibility of BIARRITZ CHAUFFEUR SERVICE is limited to our insurance contract clauses. The principal will be free to take out extra insurance at his own charge for cancellation or repatriation costs, embarked luggage cover, etc… (Non-exhaustive list).

Police and safety rules

The vehicle and the driver will be provided with the necessary aboard documents to make sure the service goes smoothly.

The principal and the passengers are required to follow all rules and laws that are to be applied to the persons and luggage. In accordance with the law in force in any French public places, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in any of our vehicles.

According to the bar code measures, it is forbidden to consume any alcohol beverages aboard of our vehicles. The passenger’s personal safety belt must be fastened at all times by each passenger.


Claims for shortages of services or for mistakes or errors in billing must be presented within eight (8) days from the date of service. Any claim not so presented shall be conclusively deemed waived.

In case of litigation, the court dealing with trade disputes of Bayonne, is the only one to be competent in the matter.