Cider house experience in Astigarraga with our chauffeured minivans.

4 March 2023
Basque Culture

A tour in Astigarraga to taste the Basque Cider experience with us !

Cider houses, or “sagardotegi” in Basque, are an important tradition in the Basque Country. These establishments serve locally produced cider, as well as regional dishes such as pintxos (Basque tapas), cheese, ham, and cod.

The classic place to enjoy a cider house experience is the village of Astigarraga in the Spanish Basque Country, but they can also be found in the cities of San Sebastian, Bayonne, and even Biarritz. The Spanish experience is often the best, with large tables and hearty dishes.

Cider house evenings are popular in the region, especially in the autumn when the apple harvest allows for the production of fresh cider. People often gather in groups to taste cider and eat pintxos in a festive and convivial atmosphere.

Some cider houses also organize guided tours of their facilities, allowing visitors to discover the process of Basque cider production. Overall, a cider house evening in the Basque Country is a culinary and cultural experience not to be missed!

We can arrange transportation to and from the cider house, or provide an evening excursion so that you can travel safely in our 7-8 passenger Mercedes minivans with chauffeurs.

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